Else Earth!

The world seems to turn faster after the Keepers brought the Enlightenment to Else Earth eighteen years ago.

Troubled by the consumer-driven direction that exploration, understanding, and spirituality progressed in the years after Super Science reigned supreme, the Keepers brought to Else Earth the technological keys to the galaxy.

Since 1994 sentient robots and intelligent aliens have walked among the animals, humans, mutants, and s-humans of the world. Watched over by the AlphaStars’ space station, heroes; villains; and everything in between, call Else Earth home.

Life from every corner of the globe and each fold of space-time was accepted – at least in existence. Intelligent development was finally understood.

Then the Five Divine arrived in 2001, shaking the beliefs of Else Earth. Could creatures outside this realm – of a spiritually holy plane – actually be real? Their powers seemed true enough as they enchanted the Enlightenment monument and brought life to the Capitol Guardians.

Eleven years later and the Divine are still within Else Earth’s presence. Each resides within one of the five Seats – massive towers constructed across the world in their honor.

The Five Divine interfere little with the lives of Else Earth, intervening only to offer grand-sweeping guidance or the occasional miraculous display. Why exactly it is they have come to Else Earth is not fully known – at least not by the vast majority.

There are those that distrust the intent of these Gods. They fear the growing power and complacency Else Earth’s citizens continue to provide. Such unchecked faith will leave a great deal of eyes closed when the Divine turn against.

Others doubt their divinity altogether, though only in hushed words. With all manor of galactic life at least somewhat explainable, how could extraplanar beings of no origin or definition suddenly appear? Believing in a planetary con, whether they act or not is up to the individual.

Then there is the majority of Else Earth that has accepted the Sanctum of the Five as their guiding spiritual and practical foundation. Faith permeates across the globe in awe of the Gods’ powers and wisdom. To disbelieve would be to waste the greatest gift received.

So then what of the whispered rumors of the Five Divine’s premonitions? Is there truth in murmurs of encroaching darkness?

Regardless, there is much still to be done on Else Earth. The new capitol of Gigaopolis teams with rights, wrongs, saviors, and criminals. Though aliens may document our progress and Gods may advice our hearts, life continues as always on the streets and in the fields.

Else Earth continues to turn.

Justice Adventures

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