The Great Magnifico

Renowned illusionist in the 1920s


Deceased, details unknown.


Mandrake Magnifico, later the Great Magnifico, was a well known illusionist in the 1920s. He grew up a poor boy on the streets, so he had to make his own entertainment. He found it in magic tricks, or illusions as he called them. He started doing small time tricks on the streets, making stones disappear and reappear, levitating himself and other objects, pulling hankerchiefs from thin air. He accepted change but never asked for money, for him, it was about the show!

Word of his magnificence spread quickly, and he started performing in vaudeville theaters around the country. His illusions only grew larger and more elaborate, making elephants appear behind curtains, sawing women in half. He put on a one man stage show in which he played ever role. People assumed it was some sort of trick with mirrors, but to this day no one can replicate some of his illusions. He was the best at what he did. His only competition was with himself, every trick had to be more amazing and mysterious than the last.

People absolutely adored him, and ladies found him irresistible. He never turned down personal visits to his room after a show, but because of his devotion to his craft, he never settled down or started a family. With the rise of cinema, vaudeville saw a steep decline. Declaring he wouldn’t be outdone by moving pictures, The Great Magnifico cancelled all of his tour dates and disappeared from public to work on his next act, promising to put on a show that would show the audience whatever their imaginations desired!

Years went by. People forgot about the promise. Some rumors spread that the Great Magnifico was ready to open his show, and that it would be mind blowing, but only the most die-hard fans paid any attention. Most people cared more about the addition of sound to cinema, and the invention of radio. The show never opened. No one was sure why, whether it was the lack of enthusiasm or some other reason the show did not go on, but the Great Magnifico became a recluse and was never seen again. The details of his death are unknown, as he had no known relatives.

The Great Magnifico

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